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Exclusively Partnered with DELLEMC



IT infrastructure solutions have evolved with great velocity over the past few years, the Modern Datacenter provides businesses with the ability to transform operations, simplify management, facilitate innovation and improve customer experiences. As an Exclusively DELL EMC solution provider, we are uniquely able to provide our clients with IT infrastructure solutions that drive compelling and measurable business and operational benefit.






We believe people want to see change as much as we do. Our vision was rooted in wanting to influence and create a positive evolution within the IT industry. This vision guides our business strategy and planning, and ensures a mindset of constant innovation, of finding better ways to solve problems and ways for the company to evolve according to market readiness and needs.


Technology infrastructure decisions should be made based on business and operational needs. We know that it is often hard to differentiate technology solutions being offered from the myriad of vendors all professing to have the next big thing. Our goal is to simplify this process and provide sound and honest advice based on our years of expertise and experience in managing large datacenters.


Our goal is to be recognized as a company that;


·       represents fairness and honesty

·       strives for positive change

·       recognizes that a job should be fun

·       innovates, evolves and values creativity

·       encourages ideas and the sharing of them

·       continually pushes boundaries

·       values its people, its clients and its partners


Our approach has earned the trust of over 200 clients ranging from start-ups to some of the largest businesses in Canada.




Our DELL EMC Solutions Centre provides hands on, real world demonstrations of DELL EMC's latest technology portfolio. The Showcase enables our team and our clients to securely test, simulate and validate the technologies against real workloads to prove and size solutions prior to purchasing, eliminating risks and issues at implementation time.

Our Data Centre can be used as a staging area for pre building, testing, documenting and training on new infrastructure prior to going to a production environment.

The Turning Point team has extensive experience in designing and maintaining some of the world’s largest and most complex environments, this team is available to assist with;

  • IT Architecture Design

  • Data Centre Planning

  • Migrations

  • Physical to Virtual moves

  • Integration

  • Training

  • Business Continuity Planning and Testing

  • IT Security





We believe that it's better to do one thing really well. We believe, if you select the right partner, one that can solve your problems with a portfolio of industry leading products and services, and if you build exceptional service around them, we're in a much better position to serve our clients.

Dell Technologies allows us to assist with our clients further when leveraging the extensive portfolio from the group of companies.





We're Hiring in Toronto!

With our continued growth, we're looking for experienced, customer focused Account Managers and Solutions Architects to join our team in Toronto.


We are looking for awesomeness as a core trait. We employ a team of self-motivated, dynamic, passionate and most importantly, smart and talented individuals who are capable of creative ideas and learning. We are selective and thorough in our screening process. Although skill sets, education and experience are important, we believe that attitude, ability and brilliance are more so.


Our culture:


  • We believe in innovation and finding new ways in doing things differently, better and simpler.

  • We value honesty, integrity and excellence, and expect that from every member of our team.

  • We value open, direct and sincere communication within the team, with our clients and with our partners.

  • We believe in doing the right thing for our clients, owning our work and building trusting and transparent relationships.

  • We pride ourselves on the fun and open work environment that we have created and would like to keep it that way.

  • We encourage and foster an environment of creativity and of sharing knowledge/ideas/opinions.


If you believe you have what it takes and would like make your mark on our rapidly growing company, please send us an email that tells us about yourself, together with your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!


Please send your email to

Our Awards
Canadian Partner of the year for Hyper Converged at VMWorld 2017
Western Partner of the Year for 2014 and 2015

In 2014 and 2015, Turning Point was awarded Dell's Partner of the Year award for Western Canada.


These awards were in recognition for our continual strive to provide our clients with technology solutions that meet their specific goals, our investment in training our Architects and Service Delivery teams to ensure our projects are successful and our commitment to ensuring we provide the best experience we can in working with us. Thank you to everyone for making these recognition awards possible.




Turning Point Technology Services Inc.

2200-505 Burrard Street

Vancouver, BC

V7X 1M6

1 888 755 3345

Success! Message received.


At VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, Turning Point was awarded the Hyper Converged Partner of the Year for Canada and we’re incredibly grateful to receive this award.


This award is a continued recognition of our exclusive Partnership with Dell EMC and VMware, the solution portfolio continues to go from strength to strength and we’ve been able to solve some of the most demanding challenges our clients face with the depth and breadth of offerings.

Our HCI solutions have spanned customers in Finance, Retail, Distribution, Film, Forestry and Public Sector and host critical Banking Applications, ERP, VDI and Business Continuity environments.


Thank you to our Clients, Team and Partner for your continued support and we look forward to continuing our success in solving customer challenges with our exceptional portfolio and service.

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